About NALC

Our Purpose 

The Norman Area Land Conservancy, Inc (NALC) is a local, 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation committed to preserving and protecting both urban and rural open spaces in the Norman area.

How We Operate

The NALC enters into agreements with willing local landowners to create a perpetual conservation easement on their property.  With such an easement, landowners can protect their land without giving up ownership.  The landowner agrees to forego development of the property, allowing it to remain in its agricultural state forever.

A conservation easement can protect sites with historic value, preserve land for ranching or farming, or safeguard endangered animal or plant species.  The landowner decides whether the easement will permit public access.  Eligible lands generally must contain productive soil or historical or archaeological resources.  The landowner, with the concurrence of the NALC, decides the terms of the conservation easement. If federal money is used to help purchase the easement, the Natural Resources Conservation Service or other appropriate federal agency will also have input. The accepted easement is a legal document, filed with the country clerk.

The landowner retains title to the property and can use it, sell it, or leave it to heirs.  But the conservation easement remains with the land forever.  The Land Conservancy becomes responsible for ensuring that the terms of the easement are followed in perpetuity.  Under certain conditions, the NALC may accept outright land donations.

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